Rules and Regulations

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General Rules and Regulation

The full 2022 Homecoming Rulebook can be found here

I. Judges

The decision of the judges appointed in each competition is final. Homecoming rules are subject to change only upon written notice from the Homecoming Committee. Please attend all Homecoming meetings to stay informed.

II. Rules Committee

A Rules Committee consisting of three anonymous members has been formed. Its sole purpose during the weekend is to make final decisions/provide an appeal process should any conflicts arise. The Homecoming Chairperson is your liaison with this committee. The decisions of the Rules Committee are final.

III. Sensitivity Clause

An organization when submitting a Homecoming Contract takes responsibility for all actions of the group or the individuals of said group while participating in Homecoming events. Entries should not be offensive to anyone. If any group entry is deemed offensive by either the judges or the Homecoming Committee, the organization will be immediately disqualified from that Homecoming event and will not receive any participation points for that event. The Rules Committee will reserve the right to take further action against the group if deemed necessary.

IV. No Changes Clause

Any changes made in the original submission of entries must be made at least 36 hours before the event. If changes are made later, the team will have points deducted from their score for that event.

V. Ties

The Rules Committee has established the following criteria to decide the winner in the event of an overall tie. They will first look at attendance points for Homecoming meetings. If these points are equal among the organizations involved, they will then look at the total participation points for the Homecoming events. If these points are also equal, they will then look at the number of first, second, and third place finishes in all events for the organizations involved.