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Homecoming 2023: Carnival of Champions

Homecoming will be taking place from October 15th-October 21st. Read about some of this year's changes below & check out the rest of our website for more information on this year's events!



On behalf of SUBOG Major Weekends, we’d like to share with you our plans for 2023 Homecoming. After reflecting on the past few years, we have decided to make some necessary changes that we hope will alleviate some of the pressures of getting involved as a Homecoming team and make the week more enjoyable for everyone involved. Homecoming of the past has included a large number of forms, deadlines, and prerequisite events for participating teams. This year, we hope to simplify that process with a maximum of three forms and a rolling deadline for teams to follow. Instead of weekly required Homecoming meetings, there will be occasional ‘office hours’ available for teams to utilize as needed. 

Teams will no longer compete in separate categories, instead all teams will be seen equally in any of the competition components of the week. Students who are interested in participating can choose to sign up with their student organization, cultural center, university program, or athletic team. We also welcome any groups of students to participate with friends. 


The 2023 Homecoming theme is Carnival of Champions. With this theme, SUBOG hopes to continue celebrating the National Championship win from earlier this year and emphasize UConn pride and school spirit throughout the week. Teams will have the opportunity to showcase their pride in being UConn students and being part of the groups they are affiliated with throughout the various events. Throughout the week, the overarching Carnival theme will be tied in as well. 


Banners will be another opportunity for teams to showcase their pride in being a UConn student and/or student group. Each year, banners are hung in the North & South Lobby of the Student Union. Teams who indicate interest in decorating a banner to be displayed will receive a fabric canvas from SUBOG. Banners will be due by 5:00pm on Thursday, October 12th and will be hung up on the morning of Friday, October 13th until Monday, October 23rd. 


Homecoming Parade will be on Sunday, October 15th at 12pm. With the Carnival location changing (see below), we will also be making a change in the Parade route. We will start on Hillside Road, turn left onto Fairfield Way, and follow Fairfield Way all the way down to Mansfield Way. Teams can sign up as a walking group or a float group. Float groups will be provided with a golf cart that they can decorate and drive through the route. The number of float groups we can have is limited and will be handled on a first come, first served basis in regard to sign ups.  We hope that you think of Parade as another Involvement Fair type of opportunity by showcasing your pride in your team! Keep an eye out for an exciting Parade addition this year, bringing back an element that we’ve been missing since 2012!


Homecoming Carnival will also be on Sunday, October 15th at 12pm. Due to the construction of the new residence hall, SUBOG is relocating the event from South Campus to the Founder’s Green between Austin Hall and Beach Hall. You can expect the usual carnival rides, inflatables, food, and novelties like you’ve seen in the past. All are welcome!

Jorgensen Show featuring Cirque de Light:

  SUBOG will not be hosting the Homecoming Pageant this year. With the goal of creating more Homecoming events that students can just attend and have fun at, rather than need to compete in, SUBOG will sponsor another event in the place of the Pageant. Tying in the Carnival theme again, we’d like to invite you to enjoy a show with Cirque de Light at Jorgensen on Tuesday, October 17th at 8:00pm. 

Lip Sync: 

Homecoming’s most beloved tradition, Lip Sync, will continue similar to how it has in the past. Lip Sync will take place in Gampel on Thursday, October 19th at 7:00pm. Song selections will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and teams utilizing songs with a carnival theme will earn additional points. 

Fan Fest Friday:

To bring the week to a close, SUBOG will host Fan Fest Friday out on Fairfield Way on October 20th at 12pm. This will be a casual opportunity for students to grab some fried dough, hot dogs, or other carnival themed foods.