Lip Sync Information

On the evening of Thursday, October 19th, Homecoming 2022 will continue with the 36th Annual Campus-Wide Lip Sync Contest to be held in Gampel Pavilion. All teams are encouraged to participate


  1. All participants must be current & full-time undergraduates at UConn’s Storrs campus.
  2. All groups who wish to participate in the Lip Sync Songs and Participant List form, where teams will randomly be ordered and given song selection preference.
  3. Songs are approved on a first come, first served basis, so teams may be told to make edits after the submission of the aforementioned form. Up to 10 songs may be submitted on the form for use in the Lip Sync performance.
    NOTE: If a mix includes more than one song you must list each song of the mix individually.
  4. Teams will be notified of the results of the song list on a rolling basis as they are submitted. They may be told which songs they cannot use in their Lip Sync. Duplicates will not be allowed.
  5. Those who have song changes to be made will have one week after notification to email their song changes & submit their final list of songs.
  6. Lip Sync Participant List is required so we know who is participating with your group for this event. Each team is allowed to have up to 80 participants. 
    There is a column to select if you have a member coming to the Lip Sync late.
  7. If they are coming late, we need proof of a schedule. All late arrival paperwork is DUE at your Production meeting!!
  8. Due to the expected response, the time for performance is limited to a total of 7 minutes. Each group will have a total of 7 minutes to set up, perform and break down (6 minute song selection, song and/or snip it). This includes setting up any props and removing them after the performance. After 7 minutes, 5 points for every 15 seconds will be deducted from the team’s final score.
  9. Each group MUST attend the production meeting schedule with production scripts filled out– signups will be available as Homecoming approaches. Each group must submit 2 copies of their performing songs/snippets as well as the production script and organization introduction at the Production Meeting for lip sync production purposes. This is the audio that will be used the night of the show. SUBOG can provide flash drives to any team that needs it for their audio. 
  10. Basic sound and lights will be provided for the final competition.
  11. There will be no sound checks. The final order of performers will be determined by another lottery.
  12. The dimensions of the performance area will be 40×40
  13. NO Helium Balloons are allowed in Gampel Pavilion at ALL!
  14. There is no throwing/tossing anything during your performance (powder, glitter, etc.)
  15. All props MUST be removed after the event! If a group leaves any props behind, points will be deducted and repercussions will follow for the following year’s homecoming.
  16. The drinking of alcoholic beverages before your group’s performance is prohibited. Any group or individuals who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering drugs will be disqualified.
  17. Additions and clarifications in regards to mitigating performance risks for Lip Sync: In an effort to help make Lip Sync a safer environment for performers, we have identified some high-level risk activities that we ask you to refrain from incorporating into your performance. These additions are not new for this year, but in an effort to help provide clarity to the types of maneuvers your team should avoid, we’ve created guidelines. While we understand every team wants to put on the best performance possible, a higher risk maneuver does not equate to a higher score.
    1. As these performances are on a wood floor (with covering) – a stunt that incorporates a toss will not be allowed.  Additionally, anytime a person may become inverted, they should not be doing so over a person or prop.
    2. For safety purposes, anytime a person is being lifted vertically, it should be done by two people (one per each foot – these people are known as bases) and a spotter should be behind the person being lifted to protect the neck and head. Bases must use both hands, should never be holding anything else (props, etc.), and should stay in contact with the person through the dismount. Lastly, bases should never lift a person higher than chest level
    3. Judges will be given all of these rules and will be told to make decisions accordingly.
  18. Lip Sync is meant to be an event that all members of campus can enjoy. Please refrain from using songs that contain explicit language in your performance. Feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.
  19. Performers will be judged on the following criteria:
    1. Originality/Theme Representation (theme creativity, thematic representation, props etc)
    2. Routine (dancing, togetherness)
    3. Professionalism (how the group presents themselves-sportsmanship)
    4. Lip Syncing