This year’s Homecoming Parade will be on Sunday, October 15th 2023. Over the past 39 years, the Homecoming Parade has become the longest running event of UConn Homecoming.

Both the community and the University enthusiastically await the arrival of this parade each year. Judges will be asked to look for originality, group spirit, theme representation, and overall presentation quality when judging the parade units.

  1. Parade Build – Sunday, October 15th
    1. Teams that opted in as a Float Group will be provided with 1 golf cart to decorate to represent their team in the parade this year. Please see Parade Build Rules for more information below.
    2. Golf cart decorating will take place at 8am -10am on October 15th before the parade. Teams will need to be finished decorating and have their area cleaned up no later than 10:30 am.
    3.  Location: Field House Parking Lot
    4. Teams are limited to 20 individuals to decorate their cart during the parade build to prevent over-crowding.
    5. When preparing your golf cart for the competition, be prepared for the worst kind of weather (although we’re hoping for sunshine). Consideration will not be given for any adverse effects caused by wind or rain.
  2. Parade Assembly – Sunday, October 15th
    1. Sunday, October 15th @ 10:30am, teams should have completed all decorating and cleaned up their area.
    2. At 11:00 am to 11:30 am on Sunday October 15th all groups should arrive and check in. Check in is at the Field House Parking Lot and the parade will begin to be lined up on Hillside Rd.
    3. Only 2 individuals from each team will be permitted to ride their golf cart. Please see Golf Cart Driver/Rider Guidelines for more information below. The Driver for each team will sign out their golf cart’s key prior to the parade. Driver must have a valid U.S. driver’s license and initial the sign out form.
    4. 12:00pm Parade Begins
    5. 1:00pm Parade Ends – Carnival begins
  3. Parade End
      1. At the end of the route golf carts must all return to the Area 1 parking lot outside the School of Nursing for disassembly.
    1. Dumpster will be available for disassembling
    2. Golf Cart drivers for each team will need to return their key and initial the form to indicate return.
  4. Reminders
    1. Absolutely no alcohol or drug use will be allowed to happen during this event. In such circumstance, the team may will be subject to the Student Organizational Conduct Process, and could be barred from participating in Homecoming activities.
    2. If you submit your team registration, you will be part of the judging sheets on Sunday, October 15th.

Parade Build Rules

  1. Teams can decorate their golf carts to represent their group and school pride. Please use good judgment on the appropriateness of your decorations. Carts in poor taste will not be permitted in the parade.
  2. Each team is allowed 20 individuals to decorate their cart. Trash cans/dumpsters will be provided.
  3. Golf carts must be returned in their original condition after the parade. Teams will be responsible for the cost of repairing any damage done to the cart during the parade build, during the parade, and during disassembly.
  4. Each team will be given the opportunity to provide an Amazon Wish List up to $75 for decorations. Wish Lists must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to parade (by Sunday, October 1st) to ensure items can be ordered and delivered with enough time before the event.
  5. For decorating, please use shipping tape or painters tape to attach decorations to the cart. These kinds of tape will not damage or leave marks on the golf carts.
  6. The following items CANNOT be used to decorate the golf cart or applied directly to the golf cart:  glitter, paint, spray paint, duct tape, scotch tape, glue, or markers. These items will ruin the golf carts and they must be returned in their original condition.
  7. One sign with team name will be provided to each team to attach to their golf cart. Signs must be clearly visible on the golf cart so the judges are able to identify teams.
  8. Decorations cannot block the view of the driver of the golf cart. Any golf cart with decorations hanging in the driver’s line of sight/windshield will not be allowed to participate.
  9. Riders must be able to get in and out of the golf cart safely. No decorations can impede the riders ability to operate the cart or get on or off the cart.
  10. Golf carts must NOT exceed 8ft in height beginning from the ground to the top of the unit with decorations.  (measurements will be done at the assembly and again at the start of the parade)
  11. Teams are responsible for cleaning their golf cart after the parade. At the end of the parade, golf carts must be driven to the Area 1 Lot outside the School of Nursing for clean up.
  12. Each organization must supply its own tools for dismantling its unit, and will be responsible for proper disposal of the unit – a dumpster will be available during the build and at the end of the parade. No power tools can be used to decorate the golf carts.
  13. No alcohol or drug use will be allowed during the parade build.
  14. Participants are highly encouraged to dress up/wear thematic apparel that coincide with your team.

Parade Rules

  1. All entries must be submitted by organizations that are registered and in good standing.
  2. On the day of the parade, all teams must arrive at 11:00 am and have their driver pick up their key. Keys not picked up by 11:30 am may not be able to participate.
  3. Teams will receive the key to their golf cart prior to the start of the parade. The driver for each cart must initial the sign out form to receive their key. Keys must be returned and the sheet must be initialed at the end of the parade when returning the key.
  4. Only two UConn affiliated individuals are allowed to ride the golf cart. The remainder of team members will march behind the golf cart. Each team must submit the name of their driver and additional rider in the Parade Information Submission Form. Both the driver and rider will need to sign a liability form and attend a short training prior to the parade on October 9th.
  5. The Student Union Board of Governors and the Homecoming Committee will not be responsible for any damages that occur to any golf cart prior to, during, or after the parade.
  6. All groups will be marching with props that represents their theme and organization.
  7. Golf carts must only be driven on the designated parade route on campus.
  8. Your team’s name must be clearly displayed on your entry. All teams will receive a sign to attach to their golf cart.
  9. Any organization, which interferes with the procession or marching of another organization, will be removed from the parade.
  10. The Homecoming Chairperson will be the immediate authority on any and all matters regarding parade participation.
  11. All groups participating in the parade will be doing so to show spirit, fun, and unity within UConn.
  12. Parade entries will be judged on the following criteria:
    1. Originality/Theme Representation (demonstrates a unique incorporation of the homecoming design & theme)
    2. Group/School Spirit (Husky Spirit, Organization Spirit, Homecoming Spirit)
    3. Overall Presentation (aesthetic construction, overall appearance, easily red and convey message)

Golf Cart Driver/Rider Guidelines – Both Driver and Rider on the golf cart must follow the rules listed.

  1. Each team will only be permitted to have 2 members on the golf cart. Both members must be actively enrolled University of Connecticut undergraduate students. One individual to be the designated Driver (“Driver”) and the other may ride along with the driver (“Rider”).
  2. Both Driver and Rider must attend the training on operating the golf cart on October 9th and sign an Acknowledgement of Risk form.
  3. The Driver must possess a valid U.S. driver’s license and be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Driver must carry their driver’s license with them during the parade.
  4. The Driver shall have knowledge of and comply with the state of Connecticut motor vehicle laws.
  5. The Driver shall operate the golf cart with the utmost courtesy, care, and consideration for the safety of pedestrians and fellow parade participants.
  6. Driver shall not be permitted to drive while wearing devices that impede hearing, or sight, such as stereo headsets or earplugs. The Driver cannot talk on the phone or text while driving.
  7. Both Driver and Rider must be seated in the seats designed for such use. No passenger will ride on the bed, back, or side of the golf cart. No standing is allowed on the golf cart.
  8. Drivers and Riders are not permitted to operate the golf cart while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Students will be subjected to the University Student Code of Conduct. Any violations will be reported to the Office of Community Standards.
  9. Drivers must comply with the University of Connecticut’s Policy Relating to Low Speed Vehicles found at Questions can be directed to Parking Services.
  10. Drivers and Riders are responsible for their golf cart key. Drivers and Riders will initial a form to receive their golf cart prior to the start of the parade and initial the form when returning their key, after the parade. 
  11. The golf cart will only be driven along the designated parade route and along the return path for disassembly at the end of the parade.
  12. Teams are liable for any damage to the cart while decorating the cart, during the parade, and during disassembly. Please take care with the golf cart and return it in its original condition.