Banner Contest

The banner is due on October 12th by 5pm to the Major Events and Programs Office, SU Room 308. The banners will be displayed in the Student Union Lobby for the entire week (October 13th- October 23rd) of Homecoming.

Banner Contest Rules

  1. Banner should promote the nature, atmosphere and/or your team’s theme of Homecoming and overall school spirit.
  2. Teams will be provided with a banner to decorate. The banner size is 36″ x 84″- Vertical Only!! Banners that are not vertical will not be accepted and therefore are disqualified. That means the banner will not be judged for competition AND No participation points will be awarded.
  3. All banners must be 2 dimensional. 3 dimensional banners will not be accepted! Banners with wet glue, wet surfaces, or pieces that may fall off will NOT BE ALLOWED
  4. Materials are limited to that which can be hung on the wire in the Student Union Lobby. IF IT IS BIGGER THAN ALLOWED AND HEAVIER THAN DESIGNATED THEN THE BANNER WILL NOT BE HUNG OR JUDGED. Do not take chances! Measure it for yourself!
  5. The banner must be submitted to the Major Events and Programs Office to Sarah Durning, Student Union Room 308, no later than the aforementioned due date.
  6. Banner should be CLEARLY MARKED with your team NAME on the back
  7. Banners should be in a finished condition (paint/glue dry, etc.) in order to be stored before and after displaying. Banners not checked in by submission time will be disqualified from competition.
  8. Banner winners will be announced at the Homecoming Lip Sync event.
  9. Banners will not be available for use in the parade.
  10. All groups are responsible for picking up their banners at the end of Homecoming Weekend. Any banners left in the Student Union will be disposed of on Monday, October 30th.
  11. Banners will be judged on the following criteria:
    1. Theme Originality (demonstrates a unique incorporation of homecoming design & theme)
    2. Overall Neatness
    3. Artistic Quality