Royalty Information

Royalty Eligibility Requirements

The Homecoming Pageant will take place on October 26th in the Student Union Theatre at 7pm.

All UConn Undergraduate Students may submit their application to run for Homecoming Royals. There are no restrictions as to who may apply, though only candidates who are not on University probation as determined by the University are eligible to apply. Students must be full-time undergraduate students at the University of Connecticut, Storrs Campus.

The deadline for the Royalty entries will be September 19th, 2022 by 4pm. All entries are to be submitted through our online submission system via Royalty Competition Team Entry Form.

Entry information

  1. Online Royalty Competition  Team Entry Form
  2. Candidate’s Resume (which is distributed to Royal Tea Judges)
  3. Photo (1 jpeg file)
    1. Email a photo if necessary. Needs to be JPEG format. Facebook photos are not recommended due to quality. How the photo is sent is how it will be displayed on the voting website. Be sure to send QUALITY & APPROPRIATE photos – you are representing yourself, and potentially the entire UConn community!


      1. All candidates must be aware that they must be present throughout the whole Royalty Process. This process includes:
        1. Nomination submission – September 19th @ 4pm
        2. First Round Balloting – September 28th & 29th
        3. Royal Tea (group interview process) – October 4th @ 5pm in SU 104
        4. 2nd Round Voting (points earned towards pageant) – October 6th &7th
        5. Pageant (Thematic representation, Performance, and Formal Wear/Question) – October 26th
        6. Homecoming football game – October 29th
      2. To be part of the First Round Balloting, please complete the Entry Information listed above. The answers on your entry form will be used as a “bio” during balloting. 
      3. After the First Round Balloting, the top 6 Royals from each category (1.Greek, 2. Cultural Centers/Fee Funded Orgs, 3.Non Fee Funded/ Independent) will move on to the Royal Tea. Candidates will be notified of their status. 
      4. Royal Tea is a group interview taking place leading up to the week of Homecoming. The interview will be happening on October 4th @ 5pm in SU 104. 
      5. During the Royal Tea, judges will be scoring your answers to the questions they have. They will be asking about your experiences, your interests, scoring your ability to articulate yourself, and your reasoning for wanting to represent UConn as part of the Homecoming Court.
      6. 2nd Round Royal Court Voting – There will be open voting online for students to vote for their favorite Homecoming Representative. These votes will play into an initial score for the actual pageant. Contestants may earn at most 10 points that go to their cumulative pageant score.
      7. Pageant – The top 10 individuals for the Royal title will be invited to be part of the Homecoming Court and compete in the Pageant.
        1. After the Royal Tea, the top contestants will be invited to participate as part of the Pageant.
          • Candidates must submit the Pageant Entry Form by October 12th at 4pm.
          • Formal Wear: Candidates will wear a formal outfit that best represents them as an individual. Candidates will walk the stage as their personal statement is read aloud.
          • Theme Representation: Candidates will wear an outfit that shows spirit in relation to his/her/their organization, current Homecoming theme, and/or personal involvement. In this section, Candidates will perform for a period of no longer than three minutes. If the performance exceeds the three-minute time limit, points will be deducted. This segment can consist of any type of performance that pertains to the Candidates’ team’s theme. Candidates will be judged on the overall quality of his/her/their performance. Candidates will be able to have two other teammates on stage to help with the performance if needed, BUT the Candidates must be the main focus of the performance. **It is not appropriate to wear cultural garments from a culture you do not identify with, wear an outfit that promotes violence, or use a prop that promotes violence.**
          • Campus Question: Candidates will answer two randomly selected questions regarding a campus community issue. Candidates will then be asked a randomly selected trivia question regarding the University. Candidates will wear their choice of formal clothing.
        2. There will be a rehearsal for the candidates before the pageant, attendance is a personal choice, but highly recommended. Please inform the Homecoming Committee if you are not attending. This rehearsal will be on October 24th at the Student Union Theater at 7pm

      choice – but please inform the Homecoming Committee if you are not attending. This rehearsal will be on October 24th at the Student Union Theater from 7-8pm.


If you are selected to represent your team in the Royalty Process, you must participate in all required activities listed below. No exceptions.

Homecoming Royalty will be announced during the Royalty Pageant. The ROYALTY COURT will also participate in the following Homecoming activities:

  • Parade on Sunday, October 23rd at 12 pm
  • Lip Sync, Thursday, October 27th at 7pm
  • Halftime at Rentschler Field on Saturday, October 29th.