Lip Sync Participant List

The Lip Sync Participant List is to be submitted online by October 12, 2017. If you have any questions please feel free to email Also do this day, we would like you to please e-mail us the Production Scripts, as well as the introduction you would like to be read at the start of your performance!

Please submit this form with all participants including the Homecoming/Lip Sync contact. You may have (80) participants maximum - no exceptions. Please see Homecoming Guidelines for additional rules.
  • Last NameFirst NamePeopleSoft #OrganizationLate Check-in? (Y or N) 
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    Please put in order alphabetically by last name. If you would prefer to use excel, please follow the same format listed on this form and submit below.
  • Please submit this form in the same format as list above (5 columns - Last Name, First Name, PeopleSoft #, Organization, and Late Check-in (Y or N). All Participants must be listed in alphabetically order by last name.
  • May not be longer than 50 words (roughly 20 seconds of reading).