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Royalty Information

I. Royalty Eligibility Requirements

    1. Only candidates sponsored by Greek organizations, university supported/fee funded organizations, area halls/councils and student clubs, that are registered and in good standing, will be accepted.

Each organization may elect one candidate for Queen and one candidate for King – there are no restrictions as to who may represent a team for either Queen or King, as long as they are part of the organization they are representing. Past court members are not eligible.

  1. Only candidates who are not on University probation as determined by the University are eligible. Students must be full-time undergraduate students at the University of Connecticut, Storrs Campus.
  2. The deadline for the Royalty entries will be September 21, 2016 by midnight. All entries are to be submitted as email documents (all forms, resume and photo)
    All entries must include the following paperwork:

    1. Online Royalty Submission Form
    2. Candidate’s Resume (which is distributed to Royal Tea Judges)
    3. Photo (1 jpeg file)
      1. Email a photo if necessary. Need to be JPEG format. Facebook photos not recommended. How the photo is sent is how it will be displayed on the voting website. Be sure to send QUALITY & APPROPRIATE
  3. All candidates must be aware that if chosen as King or Queen they must be present throughout the Homecoming Weekend festivities or be prepared to forfeit their title to the first runner up. This rule also applies to those chosen to be in the Homecoming Court.
  4. If one or both of the group’s candidates is found to be ineligible, NO SUBSTITUTIONS WILL BE PERMITTED.
  5. With regards to the point system, organizations with two royalty participants (a queen and a king candidate) will only receive points for their Highest-ranking candidate.
  6. Any person of any gender identity or expression may run for Homecoming King or Homecoming Queen – whichever they prefer.

II. Royalty Expectations

The essential steps necessary for organizing the Homecoming Royalty Contest are as follows:

  1. First Round Balloting
    The first round of student balloting will be held September 26th at 9am to September 28th at 3pm online.. A list of the top vote recipients in each category for King and Queen will be posted on Thursday, September 29th by 12:00 pm outside the Program Office, Room 307. It is the candidate’s responsibility to check this list in person to see if he or she is among the 18 chosen. No information will be given over the telephone.These 18 candidates will participate in the next royalty event, The Royal Tea. (18 Candidates is the maximum number invited to Royal Tea – this would be the top 3 King and top 3 Queen candidates from each of the 3 original categories)
  2. The Royal Tea
    The Royal Tea will be held on Tuesday October 4th – 6:00pm . Candidates must be available to participate in Royal Tea. Missing this  This reception is a set up as a round table interview. Judges (consisting of faculty, staff, and administrators) will choose a total five King finalists and five Queen Finalists. Those finalists (Royal Court) will move onto the final round of student balloting. During this reception candidates will be judged on the following criteria:

    1. Personality
    2. Poise
    3. Expression of ideas
    4. One’s contribution to the University community (resume info)

    Proper attire is required at this reception. And this reception begins promptly at 6pm.

    The judges’ decision for the finalists will be posted at 12:00 pm outside of the Programs Office, Student Union Room 307, on Wednesday, October 5th. Again, it is the candidate’s responsibility to check the list in person to see if he or she is among the 10 chosen.

  3. Final Round Balloting
    The final round of balloting will start on October 10th at 9am and end October 12th at 3pm. This final round of balloting can give members of the royal court additional points at the Pageant.
  4. Pageant
    If you are submitting a candidate, and they advance from the Royal Tea, please keep in mind that he/she will have to participate in the pageant. The pageant consists of:

    • Costume: Candidate will wear a costume that shows spirit in relation to his/her organization, current Homecoming theme, and/or personal involvement.
    • Campus Question: Candidate will answer a randomly selected question regarding a campus community issue.
    • Evening Wear: Candidate will wear his/her choice of formal clothing.
    • Performance: Candidate will perform for a period of no longer than three minutes. If the performance exceeds the three minute time limit, points will be deducted. This segment can consist of anything from a talent or demonstration to an entertaining piece. Candidate will be judged on the overall quality of his/her performance.

    There will be a rehearsal for the candidates before the pageant, attendance is personal choice – but please inform the Homecoming Committee if you are not attending. This rehearsal will be  in Jorgensen at a time yet to be determined.

    The evening of the pageant each candidate will be allowed to have 1 person help them to get ready for the evening and for the segments.

    Don’t forget….. Each candidate earns a certain amount points heading into the night of pageant. Those points are based upon the number of votes received during the 2nd round of balloting —those points will be counted into the final score for the night of the pageant. A candidate can earn up to 10 points going into the pageant (these points will assist in the Pageant Competition not towards the overall points).

  5. Presentation
    Homecoming Royalty will be announced during the Royalty Pageant, Alma Mater and Banner Activities. The ROYALTY COURT may also participate in the following Homecoming activities:

    • Parade on Sunday, October 16th
    • Beginning of the Lip Sync Competition.
    • Halftime at Rentschler Field on Saturday, October 22nd.

Again, all members of the Homecoming Royalty Court MUST be present for the entire weekend of festivities.