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Car Chalking

In its 8th Year as a Homecoming event……Car Chalking is a fun way to let everyone on campus know what’s going on and that your organization is participating in the fun!

Each organization (or team) will be awarded 15 points for bringing 5 cars (per organization) to The Husky Village W Lot on Friday October 14th during the hours of 3pm – 5pm.

Points for this event are all or nothing! In order to receive the complete number of points each car must have the following on it.

  1. Overall theme: “UConn Homecoming 2016” or “Music Tours in Storrs”
  2. Names of organization or pairings
  3. One upcoming SUBOG Homecoming Event and date of the event

There are a few rules and regulations pertaining to car chalking, any organization/team found in violation of the following will not be awarded points.

  1. Car chalking cannot be placed on the front windshield of any vehicle
  2. Car Chalking cannot be placed on the driver’s side window or the passenger’s side window
  3. Any other window that has writing the driver MUST be able to see clearly out of it
  4. The supply of car chalk will be the responsibility of each organization.